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Painted Faces In The Night.



The Maasai are predominantly a warrior tribe whose lives revolve around herding cattle. They believe the rain God Ngai entrusted the cattle to the Maasai (Masai) people when the earth and sky split, and wealth is measured in number of cattle. Since cattle was given to the Maasai (Masai), they believe its okay to steal from other tribes. They also like to hang around travellers bush camps in the hope of left over food.
One night i faced the call of nature, reluctantly leaving my tent i opted to leave my torch behind as the full moon was bright.
Sleepily looking up from behind the tree ( there are no such luxuries like toilets whilst bush camping) it quickly occurred to me that i was staring at the bright white painted faces of two maasai men.
They seemed quite calm about the scenario however i could have given Usain Bolt a run for his money in complete shock.

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