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Okavango Delta





The World Heritage Site of the Okavango Delta in Botswana is the largest inland delta in the world. Where land and delta meet, a mosaic of water-channels, grasslands, forests and lagoons provide an extremely rich and diverse habitat for a multitude of birds and animals

Our journey started by being transport by mokoro (dugout canoe), using our bags as props we were paddled along a maze of waterways. The morning sun was hot , let me change that to very hot and the chance to go for a dip in the murky waters was a welcomed relief.The sun was very short lived, by the time we got to camp the mother of all storms had developed. Not just your afternoon downpour but a two day extravaganza .

The campsite soon became a mud bath but on the positive side the tents were waterproof as long as you were uphill . Much time was spent playing more cards under the shelter of our tents. Although some of the group bailed out after one night, being British a little bit of rain was not going to be a deterrent when at the most amazing location.
When the rain let of for short period we went for bush walks although I would describe it as march , Keeping up with my short legs was an issue our leader could be described as an army sergeant . Towards the end a couple of us gave up this maybe described as stupid decision as you never know what could be around the corner ,Such a elephants but we did make it back safe and sound.

Tea which was our own hot drink became rationed but much appreciated, the evenings and mornings were surprisingly chilly given the damp weather. Towards to end one tea bag would serve the round , very water although the unstrained yet safely boiled water did give some extra nutrition.

It wasn’t till we were leaving did the sun come out, packing up the tent we were greeted by the most beautiful sunrise and another hot mokoro ride back. Not that anyone this time was complaining about being warm and dry.

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