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Vinales is a small town and municipality in the north-central Pinar del Rio Province of Cuba. Vinales is an agricultural area, where crops of fruit, vegetables, coffee and especially tobacco are grown by traditional methods.


Yank tank or máquina are the words used to describe the many classic cars (for example: 1957 Chevrolet, 1953 Ford, 1958 Dodge, etc.) present in Cuba. Due to the presence of a past strong Cuban middle-class,classic cars have been the standard, rather than an exception. With an estimated 60,000 vintage cars still in Cuba, these old classics are a tribute to the nostalgia of the old days.

American cars that were present, at the time of the embargo, have been preserved through loving care and ingenuity.
No new parts have been shipped to Cuba to service these auto’s since the early 60’s, and they currently run on the sole ingenuity of the Cuban people. They either manufacture their own replacement parts, use common household items, or use parts from older Soviet vehicles to keep these running

The old American cars on the road today have “relatively high inefficiencies” due in large part to the lack of modern technology. This has resulted in increased fuel consumption as well as aiding to the economic plight of its owners.

It is unknown how many are “yank tanks” and are considered road worthy

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