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Trisuli River Adventure.

Nervously but secretly loving every minute the 40kms of the Trisuli river rafting experience i had to gently nurse my recently dislocated shoulder. Knowing the risk of further damage to my shoulder i just couldn’t turn down this opportunity, would i be ever be here again?I encountered rapids such as‘Snell’s Nose’, ‘Teen Devi’, ‘Ladies Delight’, ‘Upset’ and the aptly named ‘Surprise’ rapid on this journey.These rapids are graded between 2 and 4; mainly big, bouncy and relatively safe as the waves are just decent and gentle.


someone left money in their pockets.

On the first day we paddled for approximately 4-5 hours reaching our campsite at the Trisuli big fig beach in good time to explore the local area.


Crossing the river there is a small village which seems well used to the tourists but thank goodness the tourist shops have yet to arrive.


Locals just busily getting on with normal day to day life barely bating an eyelid to our presence.Food being prepared, groceries being bought and clothes being washed.I have to admire how Angry Birds has impregnated the world, in a place where computers and phones are not the norm , t-shirts displaying the birds are everywhere.


Past the village is the well-restored and maintained ‘Garden of Streams’ wherein lies the ‘Big Fig’, one of the oldest and biggest Banyan tree you’ll ever see. Nice to wander around although maybe flip flops were not the best idea.


The campsite is a private sandy camp aiding a comfortable nights rest in spacious safari tents which come equipped with beds , mattresses, bed-sheets and linen. There are also Solar heated hot showers to freshen up with and proper toilets for your convenience.None of the squatting in the bush business that is often associated with camping.


Waking up to thick fog our departure was delayed until the weather improved ,the heavy grey clouds made the water really not look that appealing.In the sunshine yesterday it was perfectly warm enough spending your time on the water getting wet however as soon as the sun disappeared the cold hit. Enjoying a good book and a few hot drinks whilst waiting the fog seemed like it was never going to lift but then within an instance it just disappeared leading to beautiful sunshine.It was like waiting for a kettle to boil, it bubbles away for every and then suddenly without warning it is ready. The water looked appealing and my motivation to get wet again grew.The next three hours were spent enjoying the magnificent gorges ,unsullied beaches and unspoilt scenery.

Trisuli is the name derived from the Hindu mythological and religiously believed god lord Shiva who drove his trident into the rocky mountain to create three springs which became the source of the river and hence it named so.
I wasn’t expecting to much from this trip after a couple of well known guide books did not rate this experience to highly. “Unfortunately, the river’s popularity means that it is crowded and the beaches are disturbed during the normal rafting season” is an example of descriptions found.
My personal experience is slightly different i can count on one hand the amount of other groups we encountered , and the local road noise was drowned out by the rivers might.Yes it might not rank as high as rapids such as the mighty Zambezi ,I would highly recommend this trip to anyone.

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