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Let The Siklis Trek Begin.

Siklis trek is known as “Royal trek” it probes an uncrowned corner of the Annapurna Conservation Area with no tea houses for comfort under the shadows of Lamjung Hamil and Annapurna II and IV.

The day begins with breakfast in the beautiful gardens of the companies base in Pokhara.There is the usual spread eggs , porridge ,toast with tea/coffee. Trying to eat when your stomach is a mix with nerves and excitement is not the easiest of tasks but one of up most importance in order to fuel your days trekking that lies ahead. Another important task is judging when to use the toilet, bearing in mind that it will be the last toilet that you will see for a while.

Staff are busy organizing the equipment for the next couple of days like a army of ants, but what is even more distracting is the cute puppy which seems to the the center of attention by most of the female group members.


A short drives leads you to the trek start point of Lamakhet, time seemed to stand still and the drive lasted forever although part of me wished that the journey would never end. Along the drive we managed to get our first few glimpses of mighty mountain peaks which proved a captivating distraction, they seem to tower above anything else.


After the compulsory group picture and watching in amazement with how quickly some of the porters head off burdened with heavy loads, the trek actually begins.

With fresh legs and clean clothes we Walk through the land of the Gurung people following the Mardi Khola river. The path gently winds uphill and the warm sunshine is pleasant could almost have been a country stroll. We pass shepherds tending their livelihood, although some of the cows prove a law to themselves and cause a few heart stopping moments.


The people here are very friendly , approaching the village of Ghalegaon (1620m) women were tending their terraced fields , openly greeted us from a distance with big waves.


A short steep walk beyond the village leads us to our campsite for the night and the many giants of the Annapurna are revealed with a dozen or so peaks over 6500m, as well as massive glaciers.
This was the first section that really made me sweat however waiting at the top was a bar, yes shockingly a porter had carried drinks all this way.A beer was the last thing on my mind what i needed was a sugar hit.

Whist the sun was still up, it was pleasant to sit back and enjoy the surrounding panoramas in the presences of passing goats.
Being the festival of Dasain these goats were the lucky ones that have not been slaughtered . The slaughtering of animals during this festival is considered an important ritual since it is believed that the goddesses are appeased by such sacrifices.

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