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Named as one of the most dangerous airports in the world;Tenzing-Hillary airport, Lukla has been named after the two climbers who conquered Mt Everest and is the primary gateway to starting treks to base camp.


Operating at an altitude of 8000 feet it has virtually no modern air traffic control features – not even lights, and very little electric power at all. It features one of the steepest uphill runways in the world, capped off with a fence to prevent planes from dropping off the edge of a cliff.

The dramatic approach involves navigating a tight route through the mighty mountains of the Himalayas and then, immediately on touchdown, slamming the propellers into reverse in an attempt to avoid crashing into the mountainous wall of rock at the end of the runway.

Take-offs are just as nerve wreaking, planes head downhill, where the runway ends and delivers aircraft’s into a deep valley, where they hopefully gain enough momentum to climb skyward again.

There is no room for pilot error during take-off and landing at this high-altitude airport .

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