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Upwards To Lobuche


Lunch was taken at the village of Tukla, its difficult to really call it a village after much of it was washed away during the 2007 floods. Its better described as a cluster of tea-houses sharing a courtyard set beneath some impossibly long prayer flags stretching across the valley. The combination of a slightly iffy stomach and being at the altitude of 4620m severely limited my appetite. Enjoying the sunshine in the very muddy courtyard the game of leaving the toilet to the very latest minute began as did my love for mint tea.


Leaving Tukla behind the trail literally goes up, up the gravelly terminal moraine of the Khumba Glacier.Weaving up the well worn path for about 45minutes is known mean feat, your body stains for every breathe you take.Luckily our guides are well trained and stop for regular breaks and the encouragement of those heading in the other direction spears you on.


Topping the ridge not only are you blessed with stunning views there are also the memorials to lost climbers and Sherpa.As the Lonely Planets states “The largest memorial commemorates Babu Chhiri Sherpa, who submitted Everest 10 times, but died after falling into a crevasse on his 11th attempt at the peak in 2001. A smaller stone chorten stands in memory of Scott Fischer, who perished in the 1996 Everest disaster.”

This served as a stiff reminder of never to take the mountain for granted, we are not immortal.However it was impossible not to play around in the snow like a bunch of kids, there was not meant to be this much snow during this time of the year but the recent storms over India had led to this snow.

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