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Lobuche to Gorak Shep

Today is the day , we are going to make it to base camp.Getting up before dawn there is not much time other to get a quick bite and to fill our bottles with hot water. Yes it has to be hot anything that is not hot will instantly freeze.The initial section of the trail follows a narrow gap between the glacial moraine and the mountain wall. Our guide informs us that we have luck on our side , the weather gods are calm. Often freezing winds blow a gale down the narrow pathway adding further torment to tired , altitude effected trekkers.


The pathway turns into a toboggan run, I’m not sure who was more shocked , the yak or myself as i went skidding down an incline narrowly missing colliding into the yaks rear-end.Crampons was have defiantly been a beneficial aid. Our guide jokes with us ” normally its not icy like this, the recent storms in India has caused chaos”

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