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Chacaltaya 5600m.

Driving up the gravel road with death defying drops in nothing more then a dilapidated taxi is probably not the most sensible thing I’ve ever done in my life.However surviving the climb up to the once ski resort is all part of the attraction for one of my most favorite day trips i have ever done.

The road ends at 5300m and then its a 300m walk up to the summit.Although impossible to get lost and what sounds like a short stance its tough.On not acclimatized lungs the thin air makes it exhausting each step seeming like a mile ran.Luckily the views are breathtaking , alpine lakes, Grand Canyon-looking scenery, snow capped peaks, and a view of La Paz city off in the distance.

At the end of the the road stops is the still manned chalet, where you can warm up with a warm cup of coco or coca tea and enjoy the old ski pictures. Remains of the old wooden tow rope still act as a reminded to days gone by, before global warming hit.With the receding back of the glacier the ski resort now ceases to exist however it was Bolivia’s only ski resort and the worlds highest lift served area.It is reported that the lift was notoriously fast and difficult and because of the the extreme cold the lift only operated during the weekends.

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