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Australian Diary Absracts “Strangeness”

Sydney 05/04/2004.

Sitting on the slow train with the warm rays of early morning sunshine hitting my face this morning I noticed that compared to the UK, Australian folk have a strange obsession with sitting facing the direction of travel. In my opinion it is always nicer to sit in the direction of travel but often its more of a relief just to get a seat.The seats here change direction in order to facilitate this preference , which is just a brilliant idea.If only I had noticed earlier , as right now it feels like the whole carriage is watching me.
Reflecting back on a conversation I had yesterday with an elderly gentleman who had been in this country 30+ years since leaving the UK. He told me that the only difference with the UK is the climate and on a bad day there is no difference.Is this really true , i find this hard to believe. I hate to think that you travel half way around the world and nothing is different. If I’m still here in 30 years ask me the same question and we’ll see what my answer will be.

This evening reminds me of those rather infrequent barmy hot days back home in the UK where the air is thick and heavy but is suddenly refreshed by a heavy shower. The types of shower that makes the world smell fresh again, the smell of rain is one of the most refreshing smells ever yet impossible to recreate.
Sitting outside at the hostel after spending the majority of the day working in a stuffy show hall at the Royal Easter Show was beautiful. I could have stayed out all night just talking , irrelevant, pointless but fun conversations. I can’t believe it but one of the new lads is from Winnipeg, we are made to be friends.As soon as he told me i thought yes i do recognize the accent, I can’t wait to tell Pete.There is only a years difference in age , I Wonder if they know each other? how big is Winnipeg? I keep meeting people like that and it’s like hell what a small world we live in.
I do keep planning to go straight to bed but do end up staying up to the small hours,then getting grumpy when i don’t fall asleep straight away and only get the bare minimum of sleep before my alarm goes of and its time to make the long journey to work .I have taken an instant dislike to one of the other new lads in the dorm, he is a light turner on (regardless of the hour) and a secret starer.Secret stares are the worst, make you feel incredibly uncomfortable with the minimal amount of effort.Withput looking I could feel his eyes on me , watching me but saying nothing.Perhaps next time I should change in the dorm and give him a real show.

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