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Turtle Island Marine Park


Kinabatangan River

A rough and real life adventure comprising of a night sleeping in hammocks in the jungle exploring the local nature, all the sights and sounds. The second night was spent in a local home whereby no one but the kids we able or really willing to talk to us.

Great Ocean Road

Crossing The Nullarbor.

South Coast 018

Altiplano Bolivias Wilderness.

At 4000m this 2 day wilderness crossing across the Altiplano into Chile was going to be an adventure. After reading descriptions such as treacherous and inhospitable i knew that this was going to be unforgettable.

The Altiplano is a vast desert plateau in the Andes mountains, a desolate landscape sculpted by extreme weather conditions whereby very little can survive.

We stopped for the night at a small isolated village where llamas definitely out numbered people.
Rustic is one word that could be used a describe our accommodation whether it was yet fully completed or already crumbling into decay was debatable but at least there was a bed to rest our shaken body’s.
The walls just about kept the wind out but did nothing to beat the cold (-20) , there were hot showers unfortunately they were frozen.I don’t think even bedbugs would survive here however llamas they looked totally at home.