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Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary.

Turtle Island Marine Park


Kinabatangan River

A rough and real life adventure comprising of a night sleeping in hammocks in the jungle exploring the local nature, all the sights and sounds. The second night was spent in a local home whereby no one but the kids we able or really willing to talk to us.

Climbing Kinabalu

Cee’s Black & White Challenge ; wood.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast




Could Almost Be The Peak District.



Buddhist Parade KL.

China Town KL.



Petronas Towers

The Petronas Towers are twin skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur, an identifying feature of the city.I knew when i saw them from my hotel room that yes i was in Kuala Lumpar .At 451.9 meters high they were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004 until surpassed by Taipei 101,, however they still remain the tallest twin building in the world.


The towers hold the upmarket retail center; Suria KLCC. It features mostly foreign luxury goods and high-street labels. Its attractions include an art gallery, a philharmonic theater, an underwater aquarium and also a Science center. Suria KLCC is one of the largest shopping malls in Malaysia.

Surrounding the towers is the beautiful KLCC park, spanning 17 acres.Housing jogging and walking paths, a fountain with incorporated light show, wading pools, and a children’s playground.Not to mention the strict security staff with their whistles enforcing the rules.

Chenderoh Lake

Time to escape from the fast pace modern day life at Chenderoh Lake.


Beaituful kites being skillfully made in the town of Kota Bharu.

Perhentian Besar

Perhentian Besar homes a relaxed ambiance the perfect place to sit back and do nothing or enjoy the local marine life. Hiring a boat and snorkeling equipment for half the day although not guaranteed there is a very high possibility that you will see reef sharks and turtles.
Described as a tropical paradise, boasting crystal clear blue waters; jungles thick and fecund, and beaches with sand so white from a distance it might pass for snow.
At night bonfires and kerosene lamps on the beach , fresh sea food barbequed right in front of you as waves gently lap on the shore line.


A pretty stopover town, good to spend a couple a night at.

Taman Negara National Park.

Taman Negara covers 4343 sq km damp and thick virgin jungle aging in approximately 130 million years.

Inside this buzzing tangle, ancient trees with gargantuan buttressed root systems dwarf luminescent fungi, orchids, two-tone ferns and even the giant rafflesia . Hidden within the flora are Asian elephants, tigers, leopards and rhinos, as well as smaller wonders such as flying squirrels, but these animals stay far from the park’s trails and sightings are extremely rare.

However i can nearly guarantee that you will come up close and personal with harmless leeches (they will follow you if you run )and an impressive array of flying and crawling insects no matter how much bug repellent you put on. Staying at the seen rather better days,faulty towers like Woodlands Resort you don’t even have to leave you room to experience this. Their standard rooms are musty cave-like and in the basement and the corridors are like a mass graveyard. On the plus side was the swimming pool perfect for an afternoon cool down or for drying your clothes.

There are many activities to encounter whist spending a few days in the park.

Jungle trekking gets you up close and personal and also very sweaty just like being in a steam room but slightly noisier . The 1.7Km to Bukit Teresek takes you to a peak at 334M .Rewarding you with magnificent panoramic views of Gunung Tahan fabulous forest canopies that cover the hills and valleys.

Inside the park is the longest suspension bridge in the world, 510M long and 45M above the ground of the most memorable memories for you to bring home even it the views don’t do it standing on the wobbly platforms will.

Boating can be either a relaxing ,peaceful ride or an exhilarating ride that faces seven rapids along Tembeling River. There are opportunities to swim in the warm waters but even on quieter sections you need to be aware to the hidden currents.

After all the days activities dinner can be had in one of the simple yet very tasty floating restaurants.



Melaka a popular tourist destination where a intoxicating multicultural world of heritage architecture and the alluring aromas of distinctive local cooking meet. Westher staying for the just a couple of hours or a couple of nights the town is swarming with tourists.


Proud of its multicultural heritage, plentiful museums and assorted cultural attractions an enjoyable way of seeing the sites is by relaxing back on a pimped up cyclo and letting someone else do the hard work.

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple is on of Malaysia’s oldest traditional Chinese temple (dating from 1646) remains a central place of worship for the Buddhist community in Melaka when we visited a young couple were posing for their wedding photos .All building materials for the temple were imported from China, along with the artisans involved in its construction. A robed effigy of Guanyin can be found within the main temple hall, itself an explosion of black, gold and red



Melakas waterway.